Center for sports and youth programs (CSYP)


Center for sports and youth programs (CSYP) is an independent non-governmental organization with a public benefit, registered in Sofia, as an independent branch of the International Foundation “Europe”.

The Center for sports and youth programs develops modern European programs in the field of youth and sports through careful analysis and synthesis of the best International and European practices and their implementation in Bulgaria.

CSYP aims are high performance and care for young people through physical activity and culture and ultimately increase the average healthy picture and solve the demographic problem as a long-term vision.

To perform the tasks CSYP relies on his academic team of internationally recognized scientists and athletes, civil society and sport officials. CSYP is funded by the Foundation Europe, European and international funds and programs by public and private sector, also partnership projects and expert development.

CSYP has the potential in the following activities:

1. Analysis of sports facilities, such as a technical condition, prospects and compared to European ones.
2. Attract European and International funds and programs in the required field.
3. Development of a programs for athletes from primary school to higher education, based on international experience.
4. Development of health maps based on demographic, economic, social, ethnic - offering the most suitable sport for a specific region on the basis of existing facilities and the possibilities for European and local financing (swimming, rowing, track-and-field, etc.)
5. Concept development for youth sports clubs and prospects for enhancing sports performance in the same.
6. Awareness raising campaigns for the needs and benefits of sport among ethnicities and disabled position in remote locations, generally conducted by famous BG and foreign athletes.
7. The organization of local, national and international sports events, development of expert assessments for clubs, schools and universities on the basis of international sport experience.
8. Development of existing national map indicators for practicing different sports by region, age, ethnicity and other characteristics in order to optimize them.
9. Development of analyzes of sports clubs, with reporting capabilities to upgrade and develop the business, financial analysis and forecasts of the activities of the clubs and opportunities for their European funding.
10. Conducting awareness campaign among the sports and club sociality about the European funds and programs and opportunities to attract funds in the programming period 2014-2020. Writing projects with European financing for modernization of sports facilities and equipment, including building fund.

We accept every ambitious project and see it as a challenge for continuous improvement of skills for the benefit of the society.