Commission for Public Supervision (CPS)


Commission for Public Supervision (CPS) is organization, with public benefit, established as an independent subsidiary of the Foundation Europe.

The Commission is composed of volunteers - journalists, bloggers, students, experts, public figures and personalities of high moral character and impeccable reputation - united by a common desire for justice in society.

Our mission: to inform the public, the media, government and municipal institutions, the Ombudsman of the Republic of Bulgaria, the European Commission and the competent authorities of all cases identified by us or become our own knowledge of corruption, conflict of interest, abuse of authority or trust, abuse or negligence, environmental pollution or injustice of any kind.

The Commission, through its working groups develops anti-corruption policy by analyzing the patterns of corruption and conflict of interest, and proposes policies to prevent and counteract them; proposes priorities for anti-monopoly and dominant position, abuse of employers and gray economy. The Commission examines the norms of existing legislation, which are creating conditions to spread of corruption and proposes appropriate measures to make changes. The Commission shall draw up strategic documents, coordinate and monitor their implementation; proposes changes to the Internal administrative control, protecting the health, pension and educational rights of citizens, make the necessary contacts with international partners; take measures to raise public awareness on the prevention measures and combating corruption; develops measures for improvement of preventive mechanisms for combating corruption and conflict of interests in the decision making process and in the work of the administration and coordinates their implementation; makes proposals to streamline criminal policy in cases of corruption; take other measures to prevent and combat corruption, discrimination and abuse of power.
Each signal irregularity in procurement unacceptable or selectively terms of mayors, municipal or government officials, customs, judicial or police arbitrariness is our duty to respond to directly react for the benefit of the community. Our methods include their own investigations, consideration of citizens' reports, self-referral in cases of public interest and importance, as any other form permitted by law of civil control.

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