Scientific Institute for Social Analyses and Strategies (SISAS)


Scientific Institute for Social Analyses and Strategies (SISAS) is an  independent academic NGO with public benefit, headquartered in Sofia, registered as an independent branch of the International Foundation ”Europe”.

SISAS is funded by the Foundation Europe, European and International funds and programs in the public and private sector, and subsidies partnership projects and expert development.

Activities of the Institute include the following developments:

1. Production and analysis of regional development based on demographic, social, ethnic and economic factors.
2. Development of maps employment in regional, regional and national scale and methods for overcoming existing problems by European and international practices.
3. Optimizing the labor market and increasing employment through awareness campaigns on European opportunities for business development and finance sectors of economic and social life.
4. Establishment of the demographic map of the regional and national level and capabilities to overcome the crisis through global experience and introducing vision for sustainable development.
5. Examination of social attitudes and problems in the region and introducing European best practices.
6. Attracting funding in needed areas of EU’s funds and international programs, writing, conducting and implementation of projects.
7. Development of an integrated framework vision for European funding for the 2014-2020 programming period, application and consulting on joint and independent projects or international ones with the participation of our international subsidiaries.
8. Developing energy map of the region map - infrastructure, environmental, water, tourist, archeological, resources and other opportunities.
9. Development of a strategy to attract international investors by the international team of the Foundation, offering various investment options depending on their class.
10. Awareness raising campaigns by municipalities and regions for European funding opportunities in social and business promotion and options to manage the money.
11. Preparation of medical picture of the region's population - problems and solutions through modern European practices.
12. Conducting public events, PR and media campaigns on various topics of social, cultural and social life.
13. Development of a methodology to attract tourists and investors in the tourism industry.
14. The goals are realized by 17 academicians, internationally recognized experts in their specific fields and their teams of Bulgarian and European assistants and administrators.

We accept every ambitious project and see it as a challenge for continuous improvement of skills for the benefit of society.