Development and validation of spiritual values, civil society, health, science, culture, art, technology of physical culture; Support the social weak integration and their personally realization, marketing, protection of human rights or the environment.

And the subject of activity:
Support the development and validation of the spiritual values such support mounting provide granted scholarship to the figures of art and culture, supported financially and with advice development and the implementation of civil society supporting financial organization and implementation of initiatives and programs for the development of health and education and reforms in these areas.

Formation of awards and scholarships for achievements in the field of culture, art, technology and physical culture.

Support substantive and financial issue of journals newspapers and directories in the natural sciences and scientific, scientific and popular technical and economical literature, on radio and television broadcasts and with writing of headings with natural sciences and scientific, technical and economic topics.

Providing financial support for benign conditions for the development of programs and projects for re-socialization and support the socially weak, the disabled of persons in need of care. Funding support social integration and their personal realization

Participate in the implementation of international programs and projects, support  international cooperation in the field of the protection of human rights or the environment, assistance to the scientific аnd educational institutions as well as the organizations in their activities, related to the purpose of the foundation.

Organize and finance research on the problems, subjects to their activity, as well as other activities related to the objectives of the foundation, additional business, educational and consulting survives information and publishing activity.