Foundation "Europe" is working to support a wide range activities, relevant to social and integration processes, such as the national level and international level.

Development of civil society, and permanent validation of spiritual values, supporting the activities and projects in the field of prevention, social and ethnic integration, their personality realization realization, the protection of human rights. Direct involvement and participation in activities and projects directed to improve the education, science, culture, health, art, technology and physical culture.

Conduct studies, research and analysis of social attitudes, processes and phenomena, to give an objective picture of the status of the society. This is the basis on which to develop and other activities related to the objectives of the foundation.

Participation in the implementation of local, national and international programs and projects to resocialization and support the socially weak, the disabled and persons in need of care, respect for human dignity and recognition of the right to full life.

Improving the interaction with local entities, and organizations, at the level consulting or partnership relationship with the implementation of projects related to the objectives of the foundation.

Development and strengthening of civil society, supporting financial organization and implementation of initiatives and programs for the development of health and education and the conduct of reforms in these areas.